Sunday, March 1, 2009

Driving and Cell Phones

While searching for a topic to blog on today, my oldest son came up with this topic. Occasionally, I have to go up into the city/suburbs to go shopping or visit my sister. It amazes me while driving in the city how many times I look over at another car passing me and see a person talking on their cell phone. These are usually the people that pull out in front of you, causing you to brake to avoid hitting them. We actually counted our close encounters one afternoon. Four near misses just driving to my sisters house. That's right, FOUR in one short trip.

Some cities have laws that police can ticket you for using the cell phone and driving. Just like the speed limits and laws pertaining to wearing seat belts are created to provide safer road travel. People that are not paying attention to to road and other drivers are just as dangerous for the other people on the road as drunk drivers. When you are driving a vehicle you have a 6000 lb (approx) weapon and need to be paying attention to what you are doing. Do you remember taking the driver education classes when you were a teen? One of the main things they taught was to focus on the road and pay attention to what other drivers are doing as well. Dialing a phone or texting takes your eye off the road. Most phones now have a feature that has voice activated dialing and are blue tooth adaptable or have a speaker feature. These features were created for safe application while driving.

I must be fair and say I talk on the cell phone while driving too. I use the speaker phone and have someone in the car dial the number or dial the number while at a stop sign. Let's get real though, 20 years ago cell phones were a rarity. People got along just fine without them. In our fast paced world we have taken a product and abused it's use. I think if we all did some self reflecting we would see that the phone calls we are making and the texting, could wait until we were not driving. We have become self absorbed and possibly put other lives in danger while we chit chat.

Next time you start to dial or text while driving down the road, you may want to rethink the importance of that phone call. If someone calls you or text you while driving, you can always return the message later. The chance of you injuring someone else or your self is not worth it. Instead of saying "hind sight is 20/20", let's say "foresight is better".


  1. Very true, very true indeed. I like the "Forsight 20/20" =P It should be used more often.

  2. Ugh, I didn't realized it was singed in under Elli's....sorry...that was me ^^^

  3. I like the "foresight is better" also. There are times when I am really concentrating while driving where I don't even answer my phone. But there are times I talk; however one thing I absolutely will not do is me, that is just absurd. Thanks again for another good read.