Thursday, February 26, 2009

Winter Gardening

In time I think most of the readers of my blog will understand that I do not like winter. Mostly it is because I do not like the cold weather, but the other reason is I do not get to work in the garden. By the time February comes along I get excited, because I can start my seedlings.

In the past My home would be filled with trays of vegetables and flower seedlings. We built a sun room and last year it was full of seedlings. This year it is full of full grown vegetable plants, leaving very little room to start seedlings. I needed to get creative and be resourceful. So, I have been planting my seeds in clay pots in my kitchen window.

I start by placing three seeds per pot and water them. Next I slip a gallon zip lock bag over the pot. This creates a greenhouse effect. It takes about a week for the plant to show. I leave the zip lock bag on for several weeks, until the plant as at least three leaves. Then I remove the bag and water it daily. When the plant matures to have approximately 5 leaves I transplant it to a larger pot and set it in my sun room. So far this winter I have managed to plant 15 tomato plants and I am working on my green pepper plants.

Where are the flowers you ask? Last fall I brought my geraniums inside for the winter, they bloomed all winter. So, I did not need to plant flowers.

Come spring I will transplant my tomato and green peppers to the garden and then plant the rest of the seeds right into the ground. I'm praying for a good garden with lots of produce.