Friday, February 27, 2009

Stimulus Package

All the stimulus packages are not going to help you. That is unless the government chooses to put those billions of dollars back in the tax payers hands instead of big banks, government pork spending, and other wasteful spending. Here is an example of where they plan to spend the stimulus that was just passed. This is an excerpt from the bill from the New York times 2/27/2009 (

Mr. Obama and his Congressional allies also sought to use the package to pursue other agenda items -- on modernizing the economy, health care and education -- while creating jobs. A total of $37 billion was proposed for high-tech items, like expanding broadband access and converting medical records to electronic form. Mr. Obama made the case that the package would help students go to college, lower energy bills and modernize schools, roads and utilities.

On health, the House bill would create a temporary new entitlement allowing workers getting unemployment checks to qualify for Medicaid, the health program for low-income people. Spouses and children could also receive benefits, no matter how much money the family has. In addition, the stimulus package would offer a hefty subsidy to help laid-off workers retain the same health plans they had from their former employers.

The plan would shower the nation’s school districts, child care centers and university campuses with $150 billion in new federal spending, a vast two-year investment that would more than double the Department of Education’s current budget. The proposed emergency expenditures on nearly every realm of education, including school renovation, special education, Head Start and grants to needy college students, would amount to the largest increase in federal aid since Washington began to spend significantly on education after World War II.

I have read over and over that the computer technology, health care and education fields are the safest jobs out there and that they wold not be effected by this economics collapse. SO, why are they spending money in these areas? You see, they stated this package will help students go to college, how does this help the economy? Also, the goverment has grants and loans available for students with financial needs. Pouring more money into it helps us all how? Exactly how does modernizing schools help our economy? If "Mr. Smith" down the road has lost his job, I don't think he really cares about modernizing schools. Electrolyzing the health care system helps us how? It all sounds good on the surface but think about how resurfacing roads is going to put food on your table.

We should be very angry at this stimulus. This is OUR money that we paid into this system with OUR taxes. We should be angry at how THEY are spending it. There is so much more in this stimulus I did not even touch upon, it would be worth your time to research this for your self. More then anything, think for your self. Do not let the media or anyone else's opinion dictate your thoughts.

Destructive Media

Local and national news have a profound effect on the average viewer. They are the ones to tell us what is going on in the world or locally. Some people wake up to watching the news and watch it when they come home from work. Others read the newspapers or listen to the radio. Have you ever thought how much the media effects your decisions and thinking?

Our current financial situation did not happen over night. No, this started many years ago with the "bad" mortgages that were issued and many other things. The media did not cover that so heavily, if they did, I am sure most people would not have fallen for the bogus mortgages. Within the last year the media has been telling the American people that they are in big trouble and to conserve their money. So, naturally the people that were not effected directly with job loss and mortgage foreclosure began to hold their money tighter to their chest. They were not buying cars, remodeling their homes or purchasing a new home. They began to sell on their stocks and rethink their investments. They feared for their financial future, but at the same time they created more of the financial problem. How you ask?

Automotive companies began to see losses, the stock market began to plummet, the housing market is down and average retail stores are going bankrupt and closing their doors. As predicted, these companies employees lost their job, creating more unemployment. Just like the media predicted. The media disagrees in one thing, are we in a depression or recession. Personally, I think last year were in a recession. Thanks to the media and the talking heads we are now in a depression.

So, how can we change the course of our economically stressed system? If you are in a job that is secure, spend your money. That's right make sure others keep their job. Don't let the media scare you into changing your lifestyle. We need to revitalize our economy. If the government is not going to do it, we need to.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Winter Gardening

In time I think most of the readers of my blog will understand that I do not like winter. Mostly it is because I do not like the cold weather, but the other reason is I do not get to work in the garden. By the time February comes along I get excited, because I can start my seedlings.

In the past My home would be filled with trays of vegetables and flower seedlings. We built a sun room and last year it was full of seedlings. This year it is full of full grown vegetable plants, leaving very little room to start seedlings. I needed to get creative and be resourceful. So, I have been planting my seeds in clay pots in my kitchen window.

I start by placing three seeds per pot and water them. Next I slip a gallon zip lock bag over the pot. This creates a greenhouse effect. It takes about a week for the plant to show. I leave the zip lock bag on for several weeks, until the plant as at least three leaves. Then I remove the bag and water it daily. When the plant matures to have approximately 5 leaves I transplant it to a larger pot and set it in my sun room. So far this winter I have managed to plant 15 tomato plants and I am working on my green pepper plants.

Where are the flowers you ask? Last fall I brought my geraniums inside for the winter, they bloomed all winter. So, I did not need to plant flowers.

Come spring I will transplant my tomato and green peppers to the garden and then plant the rest of the seeds right into the ground. I'm praying for a good garden with lots of produce.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Throw Away Nation

We live in a throw away nation and it looks like people are going to have to wise up here REAL soon. If you have ever spent any time conversing with an elderly person who lived through the depression, you would know they are very frugal. Our country has evolved into a instant, hurry up, toss it out and more is better country. I think the people living in the cities are going to be hit the hardest. With the fast pace life, they have not taken the time to realize that they will not be able to afford processed quick meals, drive through meals for dinner or a disposable life.

So how do we adapt? You have to conserve and make things from scratch. Lean on your neighbors and start planting in that perfectly landscaped yard. Take some time, visit a nursing home and talk to someone who lived through the depression. My kids grew up at the feet of an elderly women in our small town hearing her stories of the hard times. Have I been wasteful, of course! Now, I am not...I reuse plastic zip lock bags. I save glass jars for canning. I use dryer sheets more then once and then instead of throwing it away, I place it at the bottom of my bathroom trash for a nice fresh scent. I add water to the last drop of dish soap, shampoo and conditioner. Instead of tossing a glass of water down the sink, I water a plant with it. There are some many things you can do to make your dollar stretch. Probably the most effective is to stop buying quick and easy processed meals. Spend time in the kitchen on the weekend. Make your meals from scratch and freeze them. Then all you have to do after work is warm it up. It saves time and money and shows your family you care.

If and when these hard times effect you, remember one thing. We must lean on our neighbors, friends and family to help one another get through this.

Irena Sendler

There are times in my life that I am completely at a loss for words. Why a woman like Irena can go unrecognized is beyond me. I received an email this afternoon with a video clip from a "Glen Beck" show. In this show he explains what Irena did in her life time.

This is from Wikepedia: Irena Sendler (in Polish also: Irena Sendlerowa; de domo Krzyżanowska; February 15, 1910May 12, 2008)[1] was a Polish Catholic social worker. During World War II, she was a member of the Polish Underground and the Żegota resistance organization in Warsaw. Sendler saved 2,500 Jewish children by smuggling them out of the Warsaw Ghetto, providing false documents and sheltering them in individual or group children's homes outside the ghetto.[2] Her story was brought to light when students from Kansas found her story in a magazine and popularized it in a play, titled "Life in a Jar."

This women was up a for a Noble Peace Prize, but yet she lost to Al Gore for Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. As you can imagine I was shocked. Al Gore did not risk his life to save 2,500 children. This whole global warming is a joke! As I try to wrap my brain around this, it seems I can not.

I am glad Glen Beck chose to recognize this woman. Maybe this will inspire you to lift your voice and let the world know we want people like Irena recognized, not the politicians of the world that are spinning their wheels and making a lot of noise and getting nothing accomplished.

Irena, I hope I can be half as brave as you and accomplish a tenth of what you accomplished in your life time.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Small Towns and Country Living

We made a move 15 years ago to live in the country and in a small town. My husband and I grew up in the suburbs. We would play outside until it got dark and all the kids would go home for dinner. We ran the neighborhood, all the moms kept an eye on each others kids. It was not unheard of to get yelled at by a neighbor mom or get sent home because you were misbehaving. By the time you got home, that mother had called your mom and you were in BIG trouble. Times have changed, our kids don't have the same freedom we had as children. Our world has become a dangerous place, where kids are snatched from their own yards.

When we moved to the country, our kids had the freedom we had as children. They played outside all day discovering new things. They would come inside at night exhausted and ready for food and bed. They didn't even discover the video games until they were in their teens, but that is another blog.

The small town has offered so much that you miss in the suburbs and city. People are not in a hurry and take the time to smile and say "hello". People in small towns know their neighbor and a lot of time their extended family. When you shop in a small town, they actually want your business and will help you. It's not just a paycheck. There is usually a local hangout for the elderly. In our town, they usually gather at the local restaurant or pharmacy at a table. Our family loving refers to the table as the "liars table", that is where you can get the local gossip. A trip to the local grocery store is never quick. You are bound to run into a neighbor or friend and end up talking for several minutes. You can also count on getting stuck behind a tractor at least once during the week while driving to or from town, but it's not a problem because neither you nor the tractor are in a hurry.

There are a few things it took time getting use to when we moved here. There isn't a 24 hour grocery store within 30 miles. There are no fast food restaurants within the same amount of distance. The post office, city hall and library all close for lunch. The funniest thing I had to get use to was paying my county property taxes at the liqueur store.

Life is different in the country, but it is one worth living.

Working from home

Our economy has recently effect my family personally, as it has so many others. My husband of 22 years is currently without work. His company has felt the effects of the current purse strings being cinched. Like many other people we are searching for ways to make ends meet. After 15 years of being a stay at home mom that home schooled her three children, all have graduated, I am finding it hard to find a job.

Where do you start? My resume is somewhat bleak needless to say. You reevaluate your skills and search your soul for some gift. This brings me to my new blog spot. That's right, blogging! I have taught journalism to many home school children through our home school coop. I have written articles for friends and family, now it is my time to build a career writing for myself.

I hope you enjoy my blogspot and please leave a note with your thoughts. Thank you for stopping by........see you in the next blog :)