Tuesday, April 29, 2014

To Vine Or Not To Vine....

Landscaping your property can add value to your home. On a personal note, it can help give your home a peaceful feel from the hectic world. Recently I've become interested in adding wisteria to our landscape. When considering a plant for my landscape I like to research the effect and benefits the plant can add to our property.

If you have an arbor, pergola, covered deck or any other structure a vine plant can climb; you may want to consider a vine plant. They can add shade, privacy and are easy to grow. The are aesthetically pleasing as well and can add beauty and fragrance to your property.

If considering vine plants you need to understand they do require maintenance. You need to make sure they do not creep into crevices, as they can cause wood rot. Trimming the vines will help control them from creeping into places they are not wanted and will prevent them from becoming too heavy for a structure and causing the structure to shift. You will need regular maintenance to prevent unwanted pests from making their home in the vines as well.

When choosing a plant to add to the landscape consider researching the plant. If you have animals and small children always check to see if a plant is toxic/poisonous. If you are wanting a plant to attract butterflies or humming birds you might also make sure it doesn't attract unwanted pests. If you have an existing structure that is damaged from plants or weather and need an estimate on a repair give CH Construction a call for a free estimate.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Spring Is Here

I can not tell you how grateful I am that spring is here.  For some reason winter just seemed to drag on too long.  I've been outside weeding, planting and enjoying the warm weather.  The Midwest is still in a drought, but we seem to be getting lots of rain and I am hopeful that we will be out of the drought by summer.  The spring also brings strong storms to the Midwest.  Keep an eye on the storms for our area this weekend and pray everyone stays safe.  Posting a few pictures to bring a smile to your face.

My daughters horse enjoying the green grass.

Sunset with our canoe

One of our roosters

The lunar eclipse on 4/14/14

Monday, April 21, 2014

Changes to CH Construction Web Site

Spring is here and CH Construction is very busy!  They have a crew working on a ornamental mill work installation.  The project is projected to last 4 weeks. Follow their progress on the "Our Current Project" slide show next to their blogs.  They have another crew working on re-decking a deck in Johnson County, Kansas.  They will keep you posted on the progress of the job as well.  To keep up with the latest projects CH Construction is doing stop by their blog page on a regular basis.
Framing for beam work installation.

 Taylor Hall framing for beam work installation.

 Taylor framing for the beam work installation.

 Door Installation

 Doors Installed

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I enjoy re-purpose projects and finding old materials to redecorate my home. Reclaimed lumber can give character, style and beauty to any home improvement project. After doing some research on reclaimed lumber I discovered Kansas City has several locations a home owner can purchase this reclaimed lumber. If you are considering a remodel project for your home you might consider reclaimed lumber for that project. Reclaimed lumber is a way you can go “green” in your home.

The lumber can come from a variety of sources: older houses, warehouses, barns or factories that are being torn down. Some of the wood comes from storm damaged trees or submerged logs. The wood is then brought to a reclaimed wood center, where the wood is then transformed into usable lumber. The process to transform this wood is very interesting. First, the wood is sorted according to the species and grade. After the sorting the wood is scanned for nails or any other metal in the wood. While scanning they are also looking for any undesirable traits. It is then stored for air drying. If the wood requires more than air drying the wood is placed in an insulated chamber that regulates and removes unwanted moisture from the wood.

When purchasing reclaimed wood you will want to make sure these processes are taken to ensure the wood you receive is good quality. Many places that sell reclaimed wood will cut and plane the wood to your specifications.

If you are refurbishing your home you might consider sending your used materials to one of these reclaimed lumber locations instead of the landfill. If these companies do not take the wood you have you might also consider contacting a recycling center in your area.

Listed below are some of the reclaimed lumber restores that are in the Kansas City area. I hope you will find these stores interesting. If CH Construction can help you with any of your remodelling projects gives us a call.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Tiny House Living

Recently I've come across sites promoting smaller living spaces. It seems to be a popular trend these days and then my sister in law suggested I write a blog about it to share the information with those who may not be informed about small living spaces.

Small living spaces are a trend with those committed to sustainable living and focusing on off the grid living as well. Empty nester's are interested in downsizing and debt free living. For those of us growing up in the 80's and 90's and even into early 2000, we were use to everything being big. Big hair, big cars and big houses. For many reasons people began to downsize and there are a lot of benefits to a more simplistic lifestyle.

Small living spaces have a positive effect ecologically. The estimated size to a small living space is approximately 500 square feet. With less heating and cooling that small spaces require many people choose solar energy. Small living space cost less to build and use less building materials which is another bonus to our ecology.

With the high cost of living and for those who are tired of paying too much for rent.  These tiny homes would solve those problems.  The cost to build a small home can be built for less than what a new car cost.  Investing in a small home can create a debt free lifestyle for those trying to make ends meet. 

As I mentioned before empty nester's are looking to downsize and simplify their lives. Others are purchasing movable small living spaces.  These tiny houses on wheels are replacing motor homes and travel trailers. The homes are typically 8' x 20' and have a living space of 120 feet for easy towing and to exempt it from building permits. Some people are choosing small living spaces as a second home for vacations.

As I have browsed information pertaining to small living spaces I would have to say that the multi-purpose features and furniture are a highlight to me. The space saving concept and vertical optimization appeal to my practical mind. If you have the chance, look into small living spaces. If you choose to pursue building a small living space, give CH Construction a call to help you fulfill your tiny living lifestyle.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Home Decor Trends 2014

I’ve had a taste of spring weather and now my creative ideas are flowing. I want to get outside and plant and BBQ. Since the weather has decided to cool down I decided maybe it’s time to add some new color and redecorate. It won’t be long before I’m outside and the thought of staying inside is non-existent.

After doing some research I’ve discovered the new trend in colors for home interiors is grays and blues. Another favorite is bold colors of purple and green. The rich color of the purple would look wonderful in a living room. One thing I do know is whatever color you decide to choose, it will most likely be there for the next 5 years. Therefore, choose a color that you can grow with for the next few years. If you choose a neutral color for your walls you can accent the bold colors in your furniture and wall hangings. Suede and Corduroy are the textures of this season combined with bold patterns that don’t necessarily match.

Are looking to change the style of your room and don't want to take on the task of painting? Consider changing the accent pieces in your room. The trends for 2014 are an eclectic style. You can color outside the box with your style. No longer having to choose between traditional or contemporary. While spring-cleaning, don’t throw out mementos. Choose photos, artwork and personal objects to add personal touches to your space. Combining theses items on your wall to create a personal statement.

If you are going to be choosing new furniture choose light toned wood. These lighter woods combined with the design styles and will bring a light feeling to your home interior. Finally, sheers are making a comeback to window coverings. The overall looks to rooms are bright and cheery. After doing all my research I’ve decided I really like the trends for this year and hope you enjoy them as well.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Build a Backyard Chicken Coop

When our family was living in the suburbs of Kansas City I had never tasted fresh farm eggs. We moved to the country and started raising chickens and I really appreciate having farm fresh eggs. Because of the laws in some of the cities in the Kansas City area, people in the suburbs are not allowed to raise chickens. Thankfully there are those who are willing to challenge the laws and get them changed. Currently there are 4 cities in Kansas (KC area) and 7 cities in Missouri (KC area) that allow homeowners to raise their own chickens. If you are in one of these cities you could have fresh eggs of your own daily. To get started you will need a chicken coop and that is where this blog can help you.

Depending on your cities ordinance, you will need to decide on how many chickens you plan on raising. This will help you choose a chicken coop size. You will need 2 square feet of floor space per chicken (for larger breeds, like Jersey Giants add an additional foot) and one layer box (a square foot in size) for every 3 chickens.

You will be able to find plans that are free on the Internet. Once you have concluded what size of coop you will need. You will be able to find plans to build the perfect chicken coop to meet your needs. I would suggest that you find a flat area to build your chicken coop. You need a dry area to keep your chickens; you do not want the coop built in an area that will have standing water. Remember to choose a plan with good ventilation. A good fenced chicken run will help the chickens stay safe from predators (raccoons, opossums, cats or dogs). From experience I would suggest a plan that allows you to collect the eggs from the outside. Also, a door to access the chickens coop for cleaning.

There are several books available to learn how to raise backyard chickens. I would recommend checking a book out at the library before you get started. Raising chickens can be so much fun and having fresh farm eggs is wonderful bonus! If you are interested in CH Construction building you a chicken coop, give us a call for a free estimate.